For the most part, hotel managers and owners know and understand that their business depends on the satisfaction of their guests. Yet even the best hotels and resorts have areas they can improve on when it comes to enhancing their guests’ experiences. Here are 5 tips for an improved visitor experience to your hotel or resort:

  1. Get social: Social media is quickly becoming the main source of information for guests who rely on hotel recommendations from friends and family as well as anonymous reviews. If you aren’t already, start a social media account for your hotel where you can showcase pictures, amenities, and any upcoming specials or events at the hotel. Designate a point person to respond to comments and complaints through your social media page. A direct, personal, and engaging response will make potential guests feel a connection to your hotel before they even step foot in the door.
  2. Engage upon check-in: Make the check-in experience friendly and engaging but not overwhelming. The front desk staff should be friendly, alert, and most of all helpful. Remember, check-in is often the first impression a guest has of you and your hotel, so make it positively memorable.
  3. Offer loyalty rewards: If your hotel already has a loyalty program, make sure it is advertised and recommended upon check-in to those guests who are not yet members. If you don’t have one yet, consider starting a program that offers rewards such as upgraded rooms, food vouchers for local restaurants, or even free nights just for staying at your hotel. Guests are already spending money on a hotel, and they’ll be more likely to feel loyal and connected to yours if they know they’re getting rewarded for their stay.
  4. Think outside the amenities/service box: For the most part, hotels offer the same sort of amenities and services such as complimentary parking, wi-fi, and breakfast, and the use of a pool/exercise room. These are all great and contribute to your guests’ overall satisfaction and comfort. To stand out, though, come up with something that sets you apart from the local competition. It could be as simple as offering a treat upon check in. A free shuttle to and from the airport or around town could save your out of town guests a lot of hassle and money. Look at your market and see what you could offer to make your guests visit even more complete.
  5. Empower your staff: Your staff should feel empowered to make their own decisions (within reason) to satisfy a hotel guest. For instance, most hotel guests don’t have the time or patience to wait for housekeeping to call a manager to see how to respond to a request for additional soap or sheets. The front desk staff should have some room to negotiate room prices, particularly if they are trying to upgrade a room for a guest. When everyone on your staff is working toward making every guest satisfied, your guests will feel welcomed and well taken care of.

The success of your hotel or resort lies in the hands of your guests, which is why it is so important to make sure every guest has an enhanced experience during his/her stay. The above tips will help you take your hotel from a good hotel to a great one that has guests coming back time and again. To learn more on how to improve visitor experience, contact us.

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One thought on “5 Tips for an Improved Visitor Experience to Your Hotel or Resort”

  1. I liked your tips for hotels to improve their services to customers. You made a good point about how coming up with unique amenities will make hotels stand out. A free shuttle to and from the airport and around town seems like a great way to accommodate guests who need a place to stay for the night before catching a flight. I’m sure this kind of service would be great for hotels that are close to airports to offer.

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