TripAdvisor Tips for Hotels and Resorts: Post Professional Photos

Many individuals perform extensive research before booking a hotel for their vacation, and understandably so, because they deserve to have an enjoyable experience. However, this also means that you need to maximize your attractiveness from an online perspective. One way to do this is by posting professional photos that potential guests can look at and …Read More

How to Increase Revenue for Your Hotel or Resort with News Generation

Are you wondering how to increase revenue for your hotel or resort? If so, consider focusing at least some of your in-house team’s efforts on creating and disseminating relevant news. And no, we’re not just talking about blog posts that highlight your property’s overnight packages. Although they are very important, content marketing and public relations …Read More

TripAdvisor Tips for Hotels/Resorts: Promote Your Location

Are you new to hospitality marketing and looking for a few TripAdvisor tips for hotels and resorts? TripAdvisor is the online service that connects would-be travelers and visitors to thousands of hotel and resort listings around the world. TripAdvisor is also a forum for guests to learn about the quality and experience of hotels and resorts from …Read More

How to Increase Revenue for Your Hotel or Resort with Package Deals

Trying to figure out how to increase revenue for your hotel or resort without having to drastically lower your nightly rates? Consider creating package deals to lure in potential guests. Below, you’ll find ideas for package deals that your hotel or resort can use to get more bookings throughout the year.
Wedding Packages
If your hotel or …Read More

How to Increase Revenue for Your Hotel or Resort: Increase Online Bookings

With how easy it is for people to book a hotel online, your hotel or resort will benefit greatly from focusing on this part of your business. For instance, you can improve phoned-in sales or walk-in bookings, but online improvements will generally yield the greatest results with long-term benefits.
Take some time to follow the tips …Read More

Learn to Respond to Reviews on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the best ways for hotel and resort owners to track what their customers thought of their stay. A clever hotel owner will take advantage of this by learning how to respond to customer reviews in a way that attracts business and negates any negative criticisms. 
First of all, you need to create a …Read More

TripAdvisor Reviews and How to Handle Them Effectively

There are multiple ways on how to handle negative and positive reviews on TripAdvisor.
Positive Reviews
These are a great opportunity to let someone besides your own company showcase all the benefits of your resort or hotel. Furthermore, you can capitalize on positive trip reviews by following-up with those customers and offering a small coupon as a thank …Read More

How to Increase Revenue for Your Hotel or Resort Effectively

Effectively increasing revenue for your hotel or resort is a concern every hotel and resort should have. There are many simple tips and tricks that will increase revenue.
Become a Social Media Master
Social media are a necessary tool for the modern hospitality establishment. Social media can enable people to share their travel plans quickly. Do not lose out …Read More

Have You Ever Wondered How to Increase Revenue for Your Hotel or Resort?

In the hospitality industry, maximizing revenue oftentimes comes down to one key element: understanding your business. A savvy hotel owner knows when they can charge customers more money and when it is prudent to give them a discount, or perhaps even something free. If you have wondered how to increase revenue for your hotel or …Read More