Combating the Rising Cost of Guest Acquisition in a Changing Timeshare Market

Addressing the Increasing Cost of Guest Acquisition
With today’s evolving vacation rental market, consumers have an increasingly diverse marketplace and various options in leisure travel. The growing variety of vacation home options includes: Timeshare/Vacation Ownership, Fractional Ownership/Private Residence Clubs, Destination Clubs, Condo Hotels, and Traditional Second Home Ownership. Strong brands like HomeAway, Airbnb and are …Read More

Rethinking The Cost of Guest Acquisition

NetRevPAR & Profitable Channel Strategies for Guest Acquisition
-By Julian Castelli, CEO, LeisureLink

The cost of guest acquisition through direct bookings is rising. Virtually every aspect of marketing for a direct booking is increasing in price. The above-the-fold results in Google have been continually monetized with price increases and competing ad models. As a result, the cost …Read More

New eBook by LeisureLink® Describes Challenges and Strategies of Cost, Competition and Complexity for the Vacation Rental Market

LeisureLink, the global leader in vacation rental technology and distribution, today released “The 3C’s eBook: Cost, Complexity and Competition,” a guide to successfully navigating the 3 C’s of industry disruption impacting vacation rental property managers (PMC’s). With the cost of guest acquisition rising, the competitive landscape becoming increasingly crowded, and the increasing complexity of distribution, …Read More

Make More Money: Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services: Essential in the 2016 Hospitality Industry

Total revenue management, where revenue goals focus on guest potential rather than rooms potential, has gained momentum among hoteliers the past few years, in part because it offers expanded revenue opportunity, but more so because hotels are strategizing ways to offset the rising cost of guest acquisition. Total …Read More

Make More Money: Competition Awareness

Understanding True Competition to Increase Vacation Rental Revenue & Profitability claims to have 14.4 million hotel rooms, 1.8 million vacation rental rooms, and 4.8 million rooms in an “other” category of private accommodations. On a volume basis this means that has outpaced Airbnb in private accommodations. But, as Skift questions, is this an apples-to-apples …Read More

Making More Money: Mobile

Property management companies (PMC’s) are charged with serving guests and satisfying owners, often with minimal staff and strict budgetary constraints. At the end of the day, these efforts still must result in profits. To do this, PMC’s have to be poised to increase revenue in all possible ways. Some may  ask, “But we’re on the …Read More

The 7 Deadly Sins of Distribution: #7 – Not Yielding Rates

There’s a misperception in the vacation rental industry that yield management is for large properties, for hotels. However, in an article for Hospitality Technology Lin Grensing-Pophal suggests, “smaller facilities may feel the direct impact of revenue management even more than larger counterparts.”

There’s no doubt about it, yielding to the market can be challenging. Revenue managers …Read More