MarketSpanIf you’re in the resort/hotel industry, chances are you’re like me and you’ve seen it all. You’ve struggled with pricing, competition, and keeping your rooms full.

Before we at KEES Vacations, started using LeisureLink’s Marketspan, our pricing strategy consisted of semi old-fashioned techniques—we would go to Expedia, look at competitors pricing, look at inventory, and then make decisions based on that data.

Resulting in an unnecessary amount of work and rates that were only based off of Expedia’s data.

With LeisureLink’s Marketspan, all that was required on our end was to pick our competition set, set a floor rate, keep our inventory up-to-date, and then Marketspan does everything for you. Now I just scroll through my iPhone and watch it change the rates for me and my rev managers are adjusting algorithms instead of managing rates.

MarketSpan has helped us track rooms and rates in a way we aren’t able to. For example, on a number of occasions, we have had a special event, something is triggered, and if we only have 2 rooms left and we have 2 weeks to go, it will raise prices.

To read more about our success with LeisureLink, click HERE.

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