OTATips to Improving your OTA Ranking

It’s tough out there in the OTA space. Your competition is doing all they can to keep their ranking high on each of their OTA partners websites. When you have achieved a stellar ranking on an OTA front page, your exposure to potential customers is increased, with the end result being increased revenue and brand awareness. As we all know most people don’t look beyond the first or second page of OTA search results when trying to plan a vacation, so the real question becomes; how do you achieve a desirable OTA ranking and keep your property on those first two result pages?

Some of the factors that go into OTA rankings include; high quality pictures, full property and room descriptions, up-to-date content, positive reviews, competitive pricing, and available inventory.

Most PMC’s and hotel’s already know keeping all of this information complete, up-to-date, and competitive across the various and numerous OTA’s can be a time consuming challenge. This is where LeisureLink can help.

Through LeisureLink you have access to MarketSpan, our multi-purpose platform to meet your distribution needs. MarketSpan gives you the ability to upload your photos, property and room descriptions once and the information will be distributed across 60+ OTA channels. Along with guaranteeing revenue parity, any updates or changes you make on MarketSpan will automatically be updated across all the OTA’s. If you are still missing high quality photos, LeisureLink has contracted professional photographers that can be scheduled to come to your property. Leisurelink also enables you to have pooled inventory, giving your property greater exposure with all units available across all channels. You’re ensured to never miss another booking opportunity. Furthermore, MarketSpan comes with the Automated Revenue Management (ARM) tool, which allows you to see what your competition is doing and set your rates in line with the market, while setting your own custom pricing strategy.

Generating positive reviews from your customers can seem challenging. Simply staying attentive throughout their stay and politely asking for a review upon check-out can prove to be effective. Additionally, after guests have checked out you can send them a personalized thank you e-mail and request feedback regarding their trip. Responding to negative reviews within 24-48hrs can help create a positive effect as well.

When you sign up with LeisureLink, a dedicated Account Manager works with you to track your current OTA rankings and collaborate with you on how to improve your placement. Managing and maintaining high OTA Rankings can be challenging. Partnering with LeisureLink allows you to cut through the red tape, save time, and ultimately generate more revenue. With a variety of tools and services at your disposal, LeisureLink can help boost your OTA ranking goals, better organize your online presence, and drive more business to both you and your owners. A win-win proposition all around!

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