JulianCastelliSpeakingThe Bottom Line sits down with LeisureLink, CEO, Julian Castelli

LeisureLink CEO, Julian Castelli sat down with Doug Wells from The Bottom Line, on KCPW radio, for an interactive discussion about the explosive vacation rental industry and how LeisureLink has become a leader in the space.

In today’s online landscape, most travelers use LeisureLink and don’t even know it. In the interview, Castelli explains the unique role the company plays, “LeisureLink is an intermediary between the supplier of vacation rentals, Property Management Companies (PMCs), and the distributors, such as Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, you name it! We help the supplier (PMCs) get their inventory on to all of those online channels.”3 Cs

Wells pointed out that Airbnb has been shaking things up in the industry by becoming a major driving force, now valued at $25 billion, and the front-runner in vacation rentals. Any vacation rental suppliers who are not on Airbnb, and other dominant channels, risk falling behind their competitors. As Castelli illustrates, “It’s challenging for a successful professional property manager who may have up to 250 or more individual units to update listings and details of each one on Airbnb’s extranet, on a regular basis. Now think about how hard it would be for that supplier to keep information consistent on Airbnb, on HomeAway, on Expedia, on Booking.com… the list goes on. It is not only hard; it is virtually impossible!”

Distribution is very complex, however, working with LeisureLink makes it simple. “We help vacation rental managers and owners get all of their inventory onto the leading channels easily, and by working with only one partner –  LeisureLink,” stated Castelli. “LeisureLink offers one link to more bookings – online, offline and everywhere. Our technology and expert services ensure all the individual unit information is current and that suppliers get more exposure, while also handling all of the cumbersome back end logistics.”

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