With a hotel business, the first impression often comes from the internet, when people are browsing through their hotel options for their business trip, vacation, or getaway. While you also want to impress those that have not seen your hotel yet and choose to look for a hotel once they arrive at their destination, since more people research and book hotels before they arrive, you should focus on online success, which will easily transition into success elsewhere.

Following TripAdvisor tips for hotels and resorts will help you accomplish this goal. One of the most important priorities for your hotel is to keep it clean and visually appealing.

Guests Will Take Photos and Share Them Online

It is inevitable that guests will take photos, and then once they get home – or even on their trip – share them to their family, friends, and the world. If your hotel is not clean or attractive at this particular time, people who may have booked a stay at your hotel may no longer take it into consideration.

With this in mind, you should do all that you can to keep your hotel clean and good-looking at all times.

Maintain Strict Cleaning Standards

The easiest way to take care of the cleaning part is to have strict cleaning standards. When you train your employees and inform them of these newfound standards, they will have to follow them.

Make Sure Each Area or Room Looks Good

Within these cleaning standards, you need to underline the importance of certain areas over others. It is not always possible to have every area be spotless, but there are areas that should be clean, which generally include the areas where guests are most likely to be on a regular basis, like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Allow Their Photo Sharing to Promote Your Business

Once a strict cleaning standard has been implemented successfully and you have made it so that your hotel looks good from every direction, the photo sharing will begin to promote your business. It is a great method to get free advertising that continues as long as you are getting guests.

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One thought on “TripAdvisor Tips for Hotels and Resorts: Keep Your Hotel Clean and Visually Appealing”

  1. I never thought of guests sharing photos of a hotel being a way to promote the hotel. As a customer, I’ll have to pay attention to my friends vacation photos and see how their hotels look to help me find a good one. This is a good way to get an insider view of the accommodations. I guess this helps the hotel and the guests! Thanks for the information!

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