Once an individual or family finds out they will be traveling and need to book a hotel, they often head online to start looking. When potential visitors are looking for places to stay, you want your hotel to stand out with great reviews, photos, and location, and the amount of amenities you provide.

To increase online business, you should follow TripAdvisor tips for hotels and resorts to offer more to your guests.

Non-Smoking Rooms

If you are going to provide guest rooms that people are allowed to smoke in, you also want to provide the opposite. Non-smoking rooms are highly preferred by families and individuals who do not smoke.

Wheelchair Access

Accommodating the specific needs of potential guests is an effective way to gain more business from them. Also, many individuals that need wheelchair access are not traveling alone, so giving them what they need will likely attract more business simultaneously.

Wireless Internet

Since practically everyone these days travels with a mobile device, wireless internet is almost a must to attract the largest customer base and satisfy their wants and needs. Not only is it useful for families with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but it is essential for convenient business travel.

Laundry Service

Lengthy vacations are not uncommon, but bringing a set of clothes for each day is not the most viable option for vacationers who are trying to keep baggage to a minimum. In this case, laundry service is ideal for guests who need to wash their clothes during their trip to enjoy fresh clothing on a daily basis.

Self-serve Laundry

For those that would prefer to do their own laundry, self-serve laundry is an excellent amenity to have.

When potential guests go online to see what they can get from a hotel, the more services and amenities they find, the more attractive your hotel looks and the likely they are to book a stay.

Whether you offer some of these services and amenities already, you should look towards providing them all as a way to make your hotel listings more impressive and increase your online bookings.

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